Spotting Fluid

Turbo-Chem’s Turbo-Spot™ is an oil free, Glycerol/Ester based soaking agent that is used to free differentially stuck pipe when used as a spotting fluid. Turbo-Spot™ proprietary formula is blended and toted at TCI’s main headquarters in Lafayette, LA. Turbo-Spot™ is non-toxic, will not harm rubber goods and will enhance API and HTHP water loss. Turbo-Spot™ is 100% dispersible in water. It is recommended that you refer to the Turbo-Spot™ mixing chart, to set as a soaking pill.

Client Testimonials
The operator located in Green Canyon 338, became differentially stuck when drilling below a depleted sand at +/- 19,931’. Attempts to work the pipe free were unsuccessful and the mud weight was cut back to lower the hydrostatic. The operator continued to jar on the pipe for 24 hours while spotting two 20 bbl Base Oil Pills around the pipe with no success. Turbo-Chem recommended and pumped a 50 bbl pill containing a 12.6 ppg Turbo-Spot™ and 15 ppb Premium Seal Regular®. 15 bbls of this pill was displaced outside of the bit and let soak for 1 hour. After a 1 hour wait the operator began jarring and torqueing the pipe pumping 0.5 bbls every hour. After pumping 25 bbls of the Turbo-Spot™ / Premium Seal Regular® pill, the pipe became free. The operator was able to POOH, successfully test B.O.P.’s and drill ahead to TD. Turbo-Chem’s Turbo-Spot™ was able to save the operator the cost of a BHA, sidetracking the well and valuable downtime, resulting in millions of dollars saved.

The operator located in the GOM (Shelf), became differentially stuck at +/-10,800’ and could not rotate or move the drill pipe. Turbo-Chem recommended and spotted 60 bbls of a 9.0 Turbo-Spot™ around the collars and let soak for 5 hours. After 5 hours the operator was able to work the pipe free and POOH. TCI’s Turbo-Spot™ was able to save the operator valuable unproductive downtime and costly tool retrieval costs. The operator now stocks Turbo-Spot™ on the rig as preventative for stuck pipe remediation.

The operator located in Eugene Island 53, drilled to TD, ran sidewall cores and became stuck. The operator stripped over wireline to core gun and became stuck. The operator attempted to pull out of the rope socket and parted the wireline. Turbo-Chem recommended and spotted 100 bbls of a 9.0 ppg Turbo-Spot™ around the BHA and let it soak for 6 hours. After 6 hours the operator was able to POOH with the core gun, wireline and the entire BHA. Turbo-Chem was able to save the operator from costly fishing and/or sidetracking operations.