Turbo-Lube XLT
Turbo-Chem created the concentrated, environmentally safe drilling lubricant, Turbo-Lube XLT™. It is a concentrated water dispersible, amide and ester complex, which can be used in small concentrations in fresh and brine water, as well as, water-based and oil-based drilling fluids. Turbo-Lube XLT™ exhibits Turbo-Chem’s innovation; it is non-toxic, non-polluting, non-regulated, non-aromatic, non-flammable, non-combustible and non-damageable to rubber goods.
Turbo-Lube XLT™ reduces friction, torque, drag, casing and stuck pipe tendencies. It enhances the rate of penetration and prevents bit and BHA balling. Turbo-Lube XLT™ can be used in most muds: fresh water, brine, oil and synthetic. It boasts an LC50 of 1,000,000 +ppm in Generic Mud #7.

Turbo-Lube XLT™ can be purchased in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums or bulk tanks. It is a viscous liquid that has a black liquid appearance, a negative static sheen and only a slight odor. Turbo-Lube XLT™ is 100 percent dispersible in water; it maintains a specific gravity of 1.1 and a flash point of 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

This product should be mixed through the mixing hopper. Depending on the severity of the torque and drag, the system should be treated with 0.5 percent or 2.0 percent. Pill is the most effective and should be completed with 2.0 percent – 5.0 percent by volume into a 25-50 bbl pill. If you experience torque problems, sweep the hole while drilling. Alternatively, if you experience drag problems, sweep the hole with pill prior to making a connection or trip.

Client Testimonials
McMoran Oil & Gas, located in the Louisiana Offshore at South Pass 26, discontinued running Turbo-Phlat™ while pumping a 30 bbl, 10 percent diesel sweep. ROP decreased and 11 ppb CaCO3 and 9 ppb Premium Seal® were added to 30 bbl 10 percent pill; ROP remained at 2 feet per hour. The operator pumped the pill one more connection with no increase in ROP. A Nut Plug sweep was pumped b/c of possible bit balling, without an increase in ROP.

Turbo-Chem recommended mixing and pumping a 30 bbl sweep containing seven percent Turbo-Lube and 9 ppb Premium Seal Fine®, while removing CaCO3 to reduce low gravity solids in mud. Once the Turbo Chem pill exited the bit, ROP increased from 2 feet an hour. The operator was now able to drill ahead at 17 feet an hour.