Sintered Bauxite Beads
Turbo-Chem International Inc.’s CARBO-BEADS are highly effective lubricity agents and are recommended in applications that typically call for the use of glass or plastic beads. CARBO-BEADS are tiny carbonaceous spheres; they range in size from approximately 300 microns to 50 microns. When CARBO-BEADS are added to drilling mud their rounded shape, along with silicone, promote a “ball bearing” effect that greatly reduces torque and drag on the drill string. Additionally, the CARBO-BEADS slowly wear down to form a slippery, oily film, which enhances lubrication. CARBO-BEADS never leave behind sharp, broken pieces, therefore increasing torque and drag. CARBO-BEADS are one of the only environmentally safe Sintered Bauxite Beads that are compatible with all mud types. The benefits are hard to ignore, especially when compared to generic products on the market. CARBO-BEADS reduce torque and drag, lower differential sticking and reduce casing wear. In addition, CARBO-BEADS boast superior strength. CARBO-BEADS are available in bulk or packaged in 50 lb. sacks. At the customer’s request, they can be incorporated into blends. CARBO-BEADS are grayish black in appearance; they maintain a density of 60 lbs and ft3 and a melting point of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. For severe fluid losses, 2-6 ppb or 9-15 bags can be mixed through the mud hopper into a slug. To reduce torque and drag while drilling horizontally use 2-6 ppb and 1-3 ppb while drilling straight.

Glass Beads
Turbo-Chem has created the most effective Glass Beads on the market. They promote minimized differential sticking; create the “ball bearing” effect and aid in slide drilling on horizontal wells. Glass Beads have no effect on rheology. When spotted in pill fashion they enhance tripping, logging and casing runs. Course Glass Beads of 10-20 ppb in pill fashion are spotted across problem intervals for tripping. Fine Glass Beads of 5-20 ppb are used in sweeps while drilling to reduce torque and drag. Turbo-Chem’s Glass Beads are solid lubricants that are specifically sized for minimizing differential pressure sticking and reducing torque and drag while drilling. For tripping and casing runs, pills containing 5-20 ppb can be spotted over problem intervals to prevent sticking tendencies. Turbo-Chem packages their Glass Beads in a 50-pound, multi-wall paper bag. The beads are clear with a slight green tint and maintain a specific gravity of 2.5-2.6 and a hardness of 5.5 via the Moh’s Scale. Tubo-Chem’s Glass Beads are always safe to handle.

Turbo “B” Beads
Turbo-Chem produces the most reliable and efficient sintered bauxite beads in the industry TURBO “B” BEADS. They are coated with a dry lubricant and wetting agent; TURBO “B” BEADS are recommended in applications, which typically call for the use of glass or plastic beads. They are used in place of typical glass or plastic beads due to an optimum combination of high crush resistance, superior strength and roundness. TURBO “B” BEADS are designed for use in highly deviated wells where the possibility of high torque and drag are likely. When added to any type of drilling mud, the rounded shape of TURBO “B” BEADS promotes lubrication with the “ball bearing” effect, consequently reducing torque and drag. TURBO “B” BEADS are environmentally safe and compatible with all mud types. They reduce torque and drag, lower the risk of deferentially sticking and reduce casing wear. The system treatment requires 6-8 ppb and sweeps use 8-12 ppb while drilling. TURBO “B” BEADS maintain superior strength; they have a specific gravity of 3.24 and a melting point of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. TURBO “B” BEADS are safe to handle and packaged in a 50-pound, multi-wall paper bag.

Client Testimonials

McMoran Oil and Gas, located in the Louisiana Offshore at South Marsh Island 121, encountered an issue when the operator needed to run and successfully cement 9 5/8” expandable liner at 13,304 feet. Turbo-Chem recommended the mixture and displacement of a pill containing Turbo-Beads while coming out of the hole to run an expandable line. As a result to Turbo-Chem’s recommendation, the operator was able to successfully set their expandable liner, pick up the BHA and drill out to the shoe. Davis Petroleum, located at South Pecan Lake in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, contacted Turbo-Chem when the operator needed to POOH, re-log the well and run a 7 5/8” liner. Turbo-Chem recommended that they mix and displace a 120 bbl pill containing 5 ppb Turbo-Beads while coming out of the hole to log and run the liner. Once this was completed, the operator was able to successfully POOH with proper fill-ups, log the well and run the 7 5/8” liner in the hole at three minutes per stand with full returns.