Research & Development

Turbo‐Chem International Inc.’s 1500 ft² Research and Development Lab brings innovation, quality and expertise to our customers around the globe. TCI has enjoyed a successful history in supplying quality wellbore stability products to the oil/gas & horizontal directional drilling industries. Turbo‐Chem International Inc. is one of the only independent wellbore stability suppliers with a fully functional R&D / Mud Testing Laboratory on site at its corporate headquarters. TCI’s Research and Development Lab is a ‘built to purpose’ facility, doubling as a laboratory for pilot testing and experimentation.

With a research and development laboratory located at our Lafayette, LA location, we offer a complete facility for testing and developing customized wellbore stability additives for any drilling fluid program. TCI invests heavily in research and development to ensure that our customers can expect leading‐edge quality products. Innovative products such as First Response™, SYN‐Seal™, Bore-Seal 100, EZ Squeeze™ and SwelLCM™ have been developed by our R&D Department.

Quality Control

A quality assurance program is continuously maintained at TCI through the services of the laboratory. A complete line of testing equipment and supplies are stocked and maintained by our Head R&D Technician in the laboratory. To maintain complete assurance and reliability at Turbo‐Chem International, INC., both new and used equipment is completely tested and calibrated prior to all testing. Routine quality control consists of testing our one of a kind Wellbore Stability Products, such as Cellulose Fiber, Gilsonite Resin, High Solids Squeeze Material, etc… per API specifications or comparisons to industry standards. Oil base muds, water base muds and brines are also pilot tested.

  • Turbo-Chem also offer these additional lab testing services:
  • API drilling fluid testing for water, oil or synthetic based drilling fluids
  • Microscopic imagery analysis of products and formation samples, etc.
  • Micro Trac – Particle Size Analyzer
  • Product comparative analysis to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products
  • Standard PPA testing up to 4,000 psi and up to 500° F
  • Dynamic PPA testing to emulate well bore differential conditions to 500 psi and up to 500° F
  • Product compatibility with special drilling fluids and well bore applications
  • Analytical fact finding to determine cause and effect of problem situations