Total Losses

EZ Squeeze sealing a 5 mm slot after 14 day pressure hold of 1000 @ 250°F.

EZ Squeeze™, TCI’s patented high solids high fluid loss material when placed in and/or across a loss zone, will expel the liquid phase of the slurry leaving a solid plug behind.  EZ Squeeze ™differs from other types of LCM’s in that it rapidly forms a solid plug, with a compressive strength higher than that of cement, within the loss zone rather than remaining at or near the face of the wellbore. This minimizes the possibility of the seal being removed during drilling operations. EZ Squeeze™ will eliminate redundant remedial treatments in the loss zone. EZ Squeeze ™can be mixed in water, diesel, brine and any base oil. Often imitated, NEVER Duplicated!

EZ Squeeze™ reduces and eliminates downtime because of its efficiency, but also because of its premixing component. EZ Squeeze™ can remain pre-mixed (un-weighted) for up to two months if it receives proper hydration and daily agitation. Premixed EZ Squeeze™ can be incorporated into sweep applications where high solids and partial to massive losses are prevalent. Depending on the severity of losses, it may be beneficial to pump SwelLCM™ in front of EZ Squeeze™ or Cement Operations