Total Losses

EZ Squeeze® is often imitated, but NEVER duplicated. Only Turbo-Chem International Inc. can provide the original EZ Squeeze®. Its record speaks for itself; Turbo-Chem has reduced and prevented total losses in more than 900 EZ Squeeze® jobs. That is equivalent to more than 90,000 bbls of slurry jobs completed worldwide.

EZ Squeeze® reduces and eliminates downtime because of its efficiency, but also because of its premixing component. EZ Squeeze® can remain pre-mixed for up to two months if it receives proper hydration and daily agitation. Premixed EZ Squeeze® can be incorporated into sweep applications where high solids and partial to massive losses are prevalent. It is essential to ensure that the procedure is followed to allow adequate time for EZ Squeeze® to cure. Depending on the severity it may be beneficial to pump SwelLCM® in front of EZ Squeeze® or Cement Operations.

Preventing Lost Circulation is always the goal, so in pre-well planning it is vital that the operator involve Turbo-Chem so that a proper recommendation is in place well before losses occur.

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