Lost Circulation

 Distributes the pressure differential across natural or induced fractures, faults and formation interfaces, as a rubber bladder would. SYN-Seal® forms a thin integrated “snowshoe” like wall cake that does not erode and continually rebuilds itself, unlike the other LCM and seepage loss materials. This eliminates a continual thickening of the cake and significantly reduces ECD and pressure on any potential loss zones. Complex Dynamic losses are controlled with the innovative “resin/fiber blend.” Once the cake is formed the seal is complete and maintains a thin integrated wall cake over the opening. This is essentially what occurs when high temperatures are involved, except the resin becomes malleable to the point of becoming somewhat flexible. This is effectively what makes SYN-Seal® the most unique product of its kind; it can mold itself into the formation regardless of the pore size. The other components, one being fiber, is designed to give it strength. It provides strength similarly to the way fiberglass fiber gives boats strength. This is also the reason that SYN-Seal® works so successfully on deeper wells, because of the pressure and depths encountered.

What makes Turbo-Phalt™ stand out from its competition is that it is malleable even at low temperatures and is able to extrude into micro-fractures.  Highly effective HTHP water loss reduction results in thin, tough, lubricated filter cake development.  Effectively sealing microfractured formations minimizes unstable wellbore situations.   Turbo-Phalt™ has an outstanding sealing capability that reduces mud seepage loss and differential sticking tendencies in low-pressure sands.  The lubricating qualities of Turbo-Phalt™ impart friction reduction in order to enhance rotary and motor drilling; it also improves logging and casing runs.

Premium Seal®: The optimum Particle Size Distribution (PSD) of graded fibrous particles creates a bridging action within a fraction of an inch of the borehole and a matting effect within the mud wall cake. This type of sealing action will form a more permanent seal while drilling without subsequent danger of the bit, stabilizers, or drill pipe scraping off the seal, however, Premium Seal® removes easily during production resulting in high return permeability. The particle sizes in Premium Seal® allow it to seal micro fractures and prevent filtrate as well as whole mud damage to producing formation.