Turbo-Chem International Inc. was established in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1982. Since then we have become one of the most esteemed companies in the Wellbore Stability Industry. Our patented and trademarked products are relied on across the globe. Turbo-Chem put together an elite team of personnel; who boasts more than 190 years of combined experience in the Management of drilling fluids.

Turbo-Chem is passionate about developing the most efficient products and methods on the market to prevent and correct problems with Wellbore Stability and Lost Circulation. Turbo-Chem knows that when dealing with lost circulation the cost is measured in more than dollars, so we won’t waste a moment resolving your issue. Our innovative products promote wellbore strength by definitively sealing fractures.

We built our products and our team of experts to be the best in the drilling industry, not for ourselves, but for you. That is what we know you deserve  unsurpassed reliability, quality and dedication.